Review Policy

Here are rules I’ve set in case anyone is interested in me reviewing their books.

~I can receive ARCs and finished books-either is fine.

~I read ALL fiction books (ex: YA, Mystery, Thriller) and once in a while a nonfiction one. To me all books should get a chance just to show how amazing they are. I’m a weirdo. I know.

A personal favorite of mine is the paperback version just so when I post a review I can take a picture and edit it. I receive ebooks if it is not possible to receive a paperback.

~Due to school I have only a limited amount of time each month to read a number of books.

~I enjoy being included in blog tours, book blitzes, cover releases, and giveaways.

~I am thoroughly honest in my reviews. I don’t embellish anything because it’s my responsibility as a blogger to tell the truth.

You can contact me at any given time!



I have Goodreads and Facebook but I’m an Instagram person.

*If you wonder why I never show my face its because I’m actually very shy and express myself through writing, but one day I might be ready.