Clock Ticks

Welcome back amazing hooligans of the web! Looking at the last time I posted for this category, my jaw fell to the floor along with my double fat chin or are they triplets...perhaps quadruplets?! Any who after a half hour of relentless pondering, I came up with a topic. Today for your dose of Olga crazy, we'll … Continue reading Clock Ticks


Antagonist Problemos

Hello peeps! Remember when I did the Protagonist Problemos ? Well I figured it was time for the second and final chapter. Best book ever huh? What shall I begin with... hmm... *wheels in the head spinning* *comes apart because I can't think for that long* #1- The antagonist's self esteem issue. In every book it's clear … Continue reading Antagonist Problemos

Protagonist Problemos

#1- A book's main character usually has a girl's POV so it's intriguing to open a book and find a male's perspective. For a reason I can't explain, I utilize the information when I'm actually talking to a guy. For example: Guy: "Hi." Me: *OMIGOSH I READ IN WALKING DISASTER THAT WHEN A GUY SAYS THAT THEY ARE … Continue reading Protagonist Problemos