The Black Cat Blue Sea Award Pt.1

Two days in a row of posting! I have to thank the clearly wonderful book/movie blogger Princess @RoyalReader for bestowing me this award. Check out her website unless you despise the human race... Prepare to press the follow button on there faster than you can sing Kumbaya! “This award is for bloggers who strive to write … Continue reading The Black Cat Blue Sea Award Pt.1

Book Personality Challenge

Children of the realm. It is a rainy day here in the state. Not a nice amount of drizzle, but heart-racing pounds of rain attacking your face. Its the day parents contemplate leaving their kids on the street to get shelter from the hardened droplets and don't mind being adjudged guilty. I, predictably, jumped in the … Continue reading Book Personality Challenge

Triple Decker Sandwich Awards Post

Well, carnivores or omnivores of the world I never thought I would have the chance to write this. I have been nominated for four awards... BUT since I like the name "Triple Decker Sandwich", this post has three date ordered (I think). Hehe. I'm sorry that laugh escaped my lips in the blink of an eye. … Continue reading Triple Decker Sandwich Awards Post