Good Luck dealing with my weirdness down below!

If your reading this then imagine me giving you a million dollars because making it here means you like at least one post. I’d be honored to give you cash from my childhood monopoly set. Its actually my cousin’s but he will never know.

These next few lines sum up me:

  • I have a sweet tooth. Really I love anything that can make you go on a sugar high.
  • I use to dislike books A LOT and then some.
  • I’ve always had a thing for shows like Criminal Minds and Law & Order. (Dr. Spencer Reed and Olivia Benson are my spirit animals.)
  • The first series I was not forced to read was The Mortal Instruments written by Cassandra Clare, but the book that convinced me to give it a try was The Dead and Buried by Kim Harrington.
  • Personality wise I can be real sarcastic when I want to be in a humorous way.
  • I love sweets… yes I’m repeating it again.
  • When I’m not on my laptop I act like a weirdo which encourages my brother to make fun of me.

Did I do good? Eh. Probably not but I tried. You can’t blame little ol’ me for trying. If you like a post, subscribe and if you don’t, subscribe. *Inserts laughing emoji because it’s not on my keyboard*

Rating System

5 LOLLIPOPS: I absolutely loved the book and if I could ship it to you now along with chocolates I would.

(In between meaning it is a tough call.)

4 LOLLIPOPS: I enjoyed the book but it could use minor small tweaks.

(In between meaning it is a tough call.)

3 LOLLIPOPS: Good, nice read – I may hesitate to push it into another reader’s hands.

(In between meaning it is a tough call.)

2 LOLLIPOPS: The novel has star potential.

1 LOLLIPOP: I didn’t finish and struggled reading chapters.