Quote(s) of the Week

The risk: “Change isn’t a problem. It’s meant to happen to everyone. Realize it or not. Should someone try to hold you back from a better life you must move forward without them. In your heart, you are aware of the ones who could leave should you choose to. Life isn’t infinite. You do not want to look several years later and mourn the loss of a change that could’ve been. You are in control of your decisions let no one abuse it.”

I’m writing an extra since I’ve missed over a few.

Confidence builder: “I’m me. Your you. Don’t complain to me about releasing my true self to the world. I will do what I want. This is who I am. I will be the person I’m meant to be and I will love myself in the end. You can accept it or you can take the exit out of my life.”

Just one more…

Making decisions: “Good or bad? How do you know what you will choose can lead to. Sometimes it’s instinct. You know what your doing is wrong. Other times it’s common sense. Then, there is where you have no idea what your suppose to do because the ending to a situation is completely unknown and it can go into either direction. Many scenarios but only two different effects. Listen to your heart. Move away the lies and excuses you put up as a front and listen.” 

Ah, perfection. I fulfilled my quote love destiny for this month.

What’s next?

Later today- Cover Reveal *pinky promise* I’m heading to the city today with my amazing friend and I mentally preparing a list of restaurants I need to meet.

May 1st ~ May 7th – Book Blitz, Giveaway, and Excerpts!

Book Reviews and tags are coming to your doorstep but I don’t know which to post first so I’ll leave you in suspense.

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