Clock Ticks

Welcome back amazing hooligans of the web! Looking at the last time I posted for this category, my jaw fell to the floor along with my double fat chin or are they triplets…perhaps quadruplets?! Any who after a half hour of relentless pondering, I came up with a topic.


Today for your dose of Olga crazy, we’ll be ranting on the agony that is time. If your like moi then you have been through the “laptop and pulling hair out” moment WAY too many times. It occurs when at three a.m. you have zero clue what to write about and have already been facing your laptop for more than four BORING ENERGY ABSORBING hours. It leaves you with no choice but to attack your precious hair with your hopefully soft moisturized hands. Then you will have to buy a wig or extensions AND life will still be catostrophic because hair means A LOT. Does that sound girly? Isn’t that what girls usually obsess about? Aw geez. Someone pay me acting lessons to make me seem like a normal teen gal or a four year old. Whatever works…

OR if your not crazy (aka me) you use your keyboard as a trampoline for your face because anything else would just be simply BIZARRE. *waves hand to make it seem like nothing* *sees a fly in front of face* *starts attempting to swat* *accidentally smacks own face*


Isn’t it the most pleasant moment ever?! I mean what’s hotter than appearing like Ursula only without her perfect nose!? Grrrr. (If you haven’t already noticed I gave you the best tip to attract a guy. *wink wink* Your welcome! No need to shower me in compliments… okay okay I’ll let you.)

There is also the case when you do have an idea but find it impossible to type. Hoping an artistic piece appears to publish, you end up throwing paintballs at the screen.


Well this guy clearly does it better. Especially since he has style! I mean look at that one shoulder on and off suit jacket thing going on WHILE holding a killer Toys R Us gun. Why can’t I dress like THAT? Ah who am I kidding baggy jeans and pajama shirts are my thang.

What else annoys the living colorful jelly beans out of me? OH YEA. Not having the TIME. Can you believe it? The blasphemy! My brain could be rushing with ideas and details and happy jumpy unicorns but I can’t go run to my laptop because I’m stuck with piles of work. Plus I can’t even run! I roll like a donut. Call it another trend I’m hoping to spread.😉

Add the fact that I love making some crazy good airplanes out of my homework sheets and aiming them at my brother’s belly, I can never type a complete post in one night. Well not like this sexy man can anyway…


COMMENT BELOW HOW YOU FEEL. Thanks for reading awesome peeps. I hope you enjoyed and remind yourself to live your life to the absolute fullest! 


What’s Next:

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