The Horror Movie Book Tag

Creator of tag: ROYAL READER

…WHAT. WOW. Okay someone is gonna have to tie my fingers down from pressing on the caps key. Miss Royal Reader (Yes, ya that star of a blogger. You’ve heard of her? Well of course you have. Silly you, this isn’t news.)  has tagged me in her very first own tag since she got 200 likes! This girl had the gauge to be surprised. Can you believe her?! Okay let me stop gushing over her blog… IT’S AWESOME… okay okay I’m done now… or am I?

Rules (She also had the audacity to add rules when she knows I don’t like them… the nerve of some peeps.)

1. Please credit and link yours truly, Princess @RoyalReader (or just Royal Reader), as the creator of this tag, and add the rules.

2. You can use the graphics provided in your post, or you’re welcome to make your own!

3. Thank the person(s) who tagged you and let others know of their fabulous blogs.

4. Tag as many people as you want, be it 1 or 20, it’s entirely up to you!

First, I’m gonna use the graphics because my photo editing skills are not as great as my ‘incredible’ cooking skills. 😁

Okay SERIOUS MODE TIME. What am I saying? I’m only head strong when I have to fight over the last strip of bacon or chicken strips.

Ignore me.

1. The Zombie Apocalypse:


A book you would save when civilization ends:

I can’t choose and life is not being fair. Can’t I choose a series?😭I’m such a crybaby. I’ll answer when I find a soothing lullaby on Youtube. HOLDUP.

*three minutes later*

I’m back! Still have not chosen but I’ll say The Lux Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout. Oops. Series. Oh wells.

I’ve mentioned the series a variety of times and I will keep doing so until Captain America swoops down and asks me to go to Narnia with him. Or a tele-tubby with angel wings because who wants a fallen angel? 😉 (My attempt at a joke-HAHAHahaha.)

2. The Vampire:


A book you would stake through the heart (in whatever sense): <-This looks like a sad face. Hehe. Goodness gracious why am I uncontrollably laughing. Help. 

A book I disliked would have to be the Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. Don’t shoot! Let me hide first! I understand this is a best-selling series and it has in it’s own movie but the first book just wasn’t for me. *prays no one fires*

3. The Haunted House:


A book that still haunts me: 

Empower by Jessica Shirvington (not a horror book)

I was balling my eyes out and had ran to Rite Aid for tissues towards the end of the novel. The author casually decided to slish slash some important characters for me and it broke me to pieces. Plus I had to ask an employee to grab the kleenex boxes because I couldn’t reach the shelves! I guess the picture of me wailing is horror enough.

4. The Psychological Thriller:


A book with a twist you did not see coming:

Angel Fever by L.A. Weatherly

Peas and carrots! In only half the book did I get a plot twist thats caused me to roll backwards. I was reading it over again  and couldn’t believe the words I read. I was whispering, “no no no” and my brother heard so responded, “yes yes yes.”

5. The Creepy Doll:


A book that seems innocent but isn’t:

Scorched by Jennifer L. Armentrout

JLA is an all time favorite but I worried for the character described in the blurb she wouldn’t be able to do it complete justice. Darn me! It hit a home run when the character went to rehab and confronted her anxiety. The obstacle she was caught in she can finally go through. Yeah I needed a hanky for this one.

6. The Monster:


A book you could barely tackle/defeat (in whatever sense):

Bad Romeo by Leisa Rayven

I have yet to review this but not because it was horrible. It was breathtaking well for me anyway. The drama kept smacking my face and my dear old brother would cover his ears when I started ranting. It would make a liar out of me if I didn’t say I secretly enjoyed the drama and I usually forbid it from entering my mind.

7. The Comedy- Horror:


A book with mixed genres that worked (or didn’t):

Angelfire by Courtney Allison Moulton

WOWZA. I remember going through this series like it was my oxygen. 453 pages of beautifulness! Paranormal & Fantasy & Romance. *drops the mic to be cool* *breaks mic* *cringes*

8.The (Cliched) Teen Horror:


A book you found super cliched/stereotypical:

Evermore by Alyson Noel

This was another bestseller-pardon me! I liked parts but when you question me on characters. They were similar to every other gay or goth. There wasn’t anything that made them different then the norm. SORRY FANS OF THIS BOOK.

9. The Demonic Possession:


A book so gripping you needed an exorcist to escape it:

Covenant Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout

My bestie convinced me to read this series because she thought the protagonist and I were similar. I laughed in her face and said “alright”. I read it once and couldn’t stop. I would wake up an hour early for the sole purpose of being able to read the books in the series. Each one was heart-gripping. During the summer I got through each novel about five times while having boxes of chocolate next to me of course! I was obsessed hence the blog’s name “Olga’s Oddish Obsession”.

And 10. The Science Fiction:


A precious book you would permanently sacrifice to aliens for the good of mankind:

Now what exactly does this mean because I can give up any of my non-favorite books zippity zap but if it were the one I loved the MOST, I’ll run. JUST KIDDING. I’M JUST KIDDING. I won’t let the world go down for that because I can always grab myself another copy even though the thought still irritates me. I have an invisible “don’t touch” sign on my shelves which I made sure members of my household know to acknowledge. Oy. Is it time to give up my favorite? UGHUGHUGH. NOOO. All right fine.

Obsidian by JLA. -___- It’s signed by her and I’ll damn well make certain those aliens treat it like it’s their king and queen.

TADAAA! Man this last half hour has been exhilarating. I’m so happy to have been tagged in this and another thank you to the lovely Princess @Royal Reader for adding me in on the fun!

Ahora I must tag some amazing blogs. *grabs a picture of a microphone* Testing testing…

Dev’s Daily Reads (LUV YA WEENIE.) <- That’s the best friend I laughed at when she said I would enjoy reading.

Maya @MayaHeartsBooks

Eliza @DuskAngelReads

Mandy @BookPrincessReviews

Tiana @TheBookRaven



Woohoo! If you haven’t been tagged then do the tag whatsoever! The only reason I didn’t tag additional blogs is because I have to head out to practice a dance routine for gym class. WISH ME LUCK CAUSE I AIN’T NO BALLERINA OR WORTHY OF DANCE MOMS GLORY.

Thanks for reading you fantastic world people. Remember to keep searching for the light even in the darkest times of your life! Have a great day and peace out!


What’s Next:

*Surprise-Cover Reveal

Random Thought Post

Book review but could add Quote of the Week before. 


29 thoughts on “The Horror Movie Book Tag

  1. sophiethestark says:

    Your posts are honestly always such a joy to read! I end up laughing my butt off and picturing you doing exactly what your descriptions say you do, which just makes me laugh even harder XD
    A supposedly spooky tag just became a comedic one and I can’t. I just can’t. I should take things more seriously.
    Great post, is all I have to say! ^^

    Liked by 1 person

    • Olga's Oddish Obsession says:

      You have officially made my day!! Your so freaking incredible for taking the time to read, like, and comment! Thank you so very much and you should definitely try it as well! It’ be great for this tag to expand to such fantastic bloggers as yourself. Aw if there’s one thing I’ve learned, taking things seriously is too normal.


      • sophiethestark says:

        Aaww shush, you totally deserve it! ❤ And I would not be able to live with myself if I didn't clearly state it. So there! 😛
        I've been collecting tags recently, and this one is one of them… I honestly don't know when I'll catch up to them but I definitely will!
        You're right, seriousness is overrated. I shall embrace my inner weirdness from now on XD

        Liked by 1 person

  2. TheAliceFan says:

    Thank you for tagging me! This definitely seems interesting, and I can’t wait to do it!

    Unfortunately, I am currently flooded with college assignments, so I might have to delay the post for a while 😦 but I will certainly do it! 😀

    Thanks again 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Mandy says:

    I’m literally just about to sit down to do this tag, so I’m super pumped that you tied me too – it definitely gets me more motivation to actually do it. It’s such a cool, unique tag. I sadly didn’t know a lot of the books you had for the answers (I have yet to read an Armentrout book but I’m thinking I need to?). I however super agree about Beautiful Creatures and Evermore!! My friend lovedddddd BC and I couldn’t stand it. D: And I have seen a lot of people love it too. And Evermore was soooo problematic. XD Fantastic post!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Olga's Oddish Obsession says:

      Thank goodness. I’m excited to view your answers!😃 It really is and I’ve never heard anything like it so it was definitely a treat! Oh geez you have too. It’s for your own good. Chicken strips can only take you so far… JLA will lead you to the promised land. I didn’t expect people to know much about the books since they are YEARS old so it’s OKAY.😂👌🏽 I understand that frustration because my brother LOVED the series once he finished and I was looking around like a lost dog. I’m happy to hear you agree with me on Evermore rather than wanting to throw a tomato!😃 Thank you Mandy!💖


    • Olga's Oddish Obsession says:

      Thank you and I loved yours as well! 💖Yay! Of course you can tag along because Narnia is gonna be our peace place while Captain America fans us with palm leaves!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Tiana says:

    First of all, I gotta say, I loved this post! Your personality shines through and I was laughing the entire time. Secondly, thank you for tagging me! This seems like it will be a lot of fun! Finally… there actually isn’t a finally, but I felt like I needed it to finish this comment 🤗

    Liked by 1 person

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