Choosing Madness

Looking at my marvelous assemblage of books I have no idea what novel I’ll be reading next. It is similar to going to a candy factory and not being able to select between m&m’s and skittles.


The frustration that comes along with this choice is petrifying when you think about it. Each of them has an entrancing synopsis. Why can’t they all suck butt? I’m already dealing with which pair of converses to wear in the morning. Why the authors gotta add to my immense frustration? (Love you guys anyway)

Because of my boredom I am obligated to make myself feel better by reading. A moment ago I was taking down a copious amount of mental notes on what to write here. I appreciate trees and feel that I should spare the world from my illegible handwriting. Someone release the kraken if I can’t decide by the end of this post.

I’m looking for something like the Selection Series by Kiera Cass. God and all the angels above know that was a worthwhile series until the last installment. The most exciting thing I’ve read these past days was ‘How to wash your clothes without turning them pink’ and the article wasn’t even helpful!


*Not true. I regret not snatching away the last milk chocolate bar from my brother. Gosh I chose the wrong moment for my conscious to immobilize common sense.

Then again I could read a non fiction book or a paranormal. I should just grab a biography on a president and cuddle. My actions are random when it comes to overcoming obstacles. I have not a single clue if a person were to tell me ‘let’s come up with a brilliant plan’. Mostly because my actions don’t contain an ounce of intelligence and aren’t organized either. I’m good at math though! *hopes Pythagoras is giving a nod of approval while Washington cries on the sidelines* My geekiness apparently is trying to escape my ‘cool’ demeanor…

If you have happened to be born the complete opposite of me well the world did you a favor buddy so get yourself a large lollipop. Why is my solution and reaction to all involve candy? No wonder I remind myself of Winnie the Pooh but you know what let me be proud because he was one heck of a role model when I was a fledgling.

OH DUDES AND DUDETTES IMAGINE A LIGHT BULB GOING OVER NORTH AMERICA. I don’t say this because I’m important but I feel like this is the time where people who are struggling making decisions across the nation have had an epiphany or am I just plain out weird. A little of both maybe.


Little ol’ me will be reading…

The Jewel (The Lone City, #1) by Amy Ewing

I don’t know why I made a grand spectacle of this. Gosh. I need to work on my timing. Pick and choose my idiotic moments. Well assuming that you made it to the end I’m going to suggest to visit your nearest pastor and ask him to bless your eyeballs. Just kidding… not really I’m as interesting as a mud puddle.


Thank you everyone so very much for reading! You are wonderful human beings who spare a random gal your time. That means a lot. Good night from my casa and if you have any thoughts on this topic don’t be afraid to share your opinion!


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