Pages of Beauty

How many topics can I think of before I get stuck? The feeling makes me want to collect all my books and hibernate.


Have you noticed a certain number of pages in a book series or novel? Do you think a book needs an estimate of pages to be considered a good read?

It’s a tough call because in one hand the book can be short but be well written keeping readers on the edge or it could be long and humdrum. Then there’s also the opposite as a choice.  Just typing this makes me want to sink into a ball pit at Funtopia. Don’t bother asking because of course I will grab a toy with the tickets I won! Now stop being silly.

1091.gif(Isnt’t Thor a beautiful bean?)

Personally I haven’t kept track when reading through them. Its based on the content but also the number of pages. You can have three sheets of paper telling a detailed story but it does not qualify it as novel. Like a Hershey’s bar not being at it’s full promised length. That thought is going to put into affect a numerous amount of nightmares. Tell me how you feel down below and which one do you prefer.


The topic has been on my top five things to be curious about this week so I figured why not express your feelings the base way possible-writing!

That’s it for today amazing people out there. Thank you so much for reading and good night!




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