Turkey Day Feels

Hello lovely readers and it is time to discuss about the day I gain an extra ten pounds that I promise to shred, but never do.

My family already has the seating chart planned so no mash potatoes go flying across the table. Trust me it’s what keeps us from taking on the body of a quarterback and tackling someone. Then there’s that one person who loses it while attempting to maintain their cool…


Here is where I drop the mash potatoes all over the floor (most likely at someone’s face)-

Personally I do not consider this a significant holiday. DON’T GET MAD!

To summarize, I would not be the girl at the arts & crafts table making a hand turkey. For me we should be appreciating one another and truly giving thanks more than one day a year. You don’t know what will occur the next dozen hours. You certaintly should not have to life with the “what ifs” going through your head. If you disagree it’s fine because everyone’s view differs and I respect it either way!

Now on to the food. Arguably the best time. Although once in a while when the food is not to my liking I pray upon Oh Sweet Baby Jesus for a baby Yorkie to appear and snatch my food. I have done this since the dawn of time because I’m just THAT picky. Oh well. People have flaws. I always have turkey and delicious jaw dropping lasagna. Someone should give a lifetime achievement award to the person who put those ingredients together and decided to keep stirring.

That’s all for this post. I hope reading this didn’t lead you to digging your personal grave or planning my demise. NOW for the most magical time of the day- GOOD NIGHT!


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