Is it a thing to have too much books that you have no choice but to get rid of your bed? Do I need to go into rehab or go to an BAA (BOOK ADDICTS ANONYMOUS) meeting? I think not. I get all giddy looking at a book. I like to think I’m a normal person behind my laptop but my family says otherwise. I look at these books like other human beings look at a pot of gold. A leprechaun would probably shake his head at me right now or do a jig. It all really depends on the leprechaun’s personality.


*This is a once in a lifetime picture of me in my true state. Minus the perfect brows.

Do your non reader friends ask or bother you why you spend a large amount of your time reading or purchasing books instead of borrowing them from the library? Ever get irritated when they re-ask the same question? Its not like your miraculously going to wake up one day choosing to not love books anymore. Give me a break.

I love libraries and all but I rather have the book in my hands knowing I can keep it with me when I finish. Not enjoying it might lead me to donating it to the library so others could try it. You never know the book may not be your type.

My miniature library is starting to get packed and I have not a single clue what I’m gonna do. Before you ask I can not get a new shelf because I have nowhere to put it. The saddest news for a book blogger. IF SOMEONE WANTS TO WISH UPON A STAR SO MY ROOM CAN GROW WIDER OR ANOTHER ROOM POPS OUT OF NOWHERE YOU ARE FREE TO DO SO.


Get a man for yourself like the beast. It’s whats on the inside that counts. Holy nuggets I’m such an original.

Seriously ever happen to find a guy that does this for you hug him tight and never let him go. I mean who else can get you these many novels?

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it! Remember keep going even when everything else is forcing you to give up.


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