Plot Twist Feelings!?!?

Okay this topic is stressful to speak of or to even think about.



See I felt the need to add that when I have typed less than twenty words.



I’m forever cheering on authors who can create suspense with a few simple minded words and leave you craving for more. That’s the whole point of writing and the author’s job but I can not help lose my ever loving mind when more than enough questions are left hanging in the wind. Once you close the book your face looks like… well that ->



Simon gets it.



Then you go through the stages of book grief.

  1. Shock- Of course.
  2. Running- You go “Sonic Boom” fast to your computer, IPad, or phone to search when exactly the next part of the story is shown to the world.
  3. Hyperventilates- because even if its a month away it seems like forever

It can be this too.

3. Walks to kitchen to grab any sugar goodies while contemplating life choices- You realize the book is already out and the reason you didn’t buy it was because you were worried the first wouldn’t make a great impression. Now you have to order the next novel and that time between now and then will feel like the “Great Depression”.

*Thanks for reading! I plan to post a book haul soon discussing about the books I just recently bought. I also know for sure I will be writing three reviews this November. You can check out which books on the Monthly Reading page. I hope your days are going well and if they hadn’t gone as expected theirs always tomorrow.


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