Real life world vs fiction

Have you ever imagined your life like a book you’ve read with just a few tweaks so others don’t die. The kind of normal family with two or three problems. The best friend who is always as high as a kite. The perfect guy strolling in and making you nuts.

Then the worst thing happens-

you wake up from the fabulous dream.


You remember you have to go to work or school and convince yourself to get out of bed.

My life in a nutshell ladies and gentleman. If you can relate you deserve a bowl of candy corn or any other candy you can’t live without.

My favorite dream is when I’m Clary from The Mortal Instruments because its the first series I read without being forced too. Yea you read correctly I used to dislike everything that got my eyes connected to more than one page of writing. What I know for certain is that you must have dreamed about something like this or else how can you possibly call yourself a book lover. Which book gets you into lala land?


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