Review- The Immortals by Alyson Noel

The Immortals by Alyson Noel

Genres- Young Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance


Evermore   Blue Moon   Shadowland   Dark Flame   Night Star   Everlasting


My best friend recommended this series and I’m actually glad even though I didn’t put five stars.


As you already know if you read my reviews I love protagonists who are different and are not pictured as the perfect main character. I think I’m going rethink that because I have never disliked a girl like Ever Bloom. She is probably the most selfish and confusing character to ever exist. If you love someone that feeling just doesn’t go away, but in Ever’s world you can just throw it away at any given moment. Miles- the stereotypical gay best friend- and Haven who is the usual goth girl were both her closest friends until things went down hill. I liked Miles’s personality out of everyone.

The boy candy here is Damen Auguste. He is the super hot mysterious guy who ends up sitting next to her in class. If I started counting the amount of times Ever ran back to Damen after he seriously hurt her I may not finish this review.

From reading the synopsis and seeing the cover for Evermore I decided to give it a try. Sadly that was all there was. I was disappointed. The evolution of the story was slow and at some point it was flat out humdrum. The plot for the first book was interesting and I believe if the author could’ve changed the characters and not make them infuriating it would’ve turned out better. I say this with no disrespect towards the author but this story seems like another Twilight wannabe.


*Thanks for reading and any book recommendations left down below is appreciated.


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